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I am Prasanth Chandra ( I love my Name ) a.k.a PC. Not just another boy next door. You can find me as a humorous, fun loving guy with unlimited dreams and ambitions. I work as a Software Engineer ( sounds Boring, right?? ) in one of the best MNCs of India. Apart from that, I love to do a lot of weird but productive stuff online.  Trying out new things and gaining knowledge excites me.

Here is a simple description about me :

Complex and Practical, Confident, Organized,  Self-made guy who believes in Power of Money, Crazy Music Fan, Big Foodie, Movie Buff, Good Dancer, Smart worker, Ideal Son, Best Brother, Cool Boy Friend and a Self Obsessed Narcissist.

I hardly regret my decisions and hate to back down or compromise. I always want to make it BIG and Live life KING SIZE which is possible when I  become RICH and FAMOUS (Not too much to ask for, eh? ) .  With all my plans  and strategies getting implemented one by one, Soon you are going to see me PROSPER.

Wish me Luck.

What am I going to do with PrasanthChandra.Com??

Sharing thoughts is always fun and where else can I do that? After so many days of procrastination, I finally started my personal blog.

This is an exclusive sneak peek into the super duper personal life of Prasanth Chandra, the phases he goes through, the targets he achieve., the situations he faced and all the routine and interesting stuff that happens to this Gem of a Guy. 🙂

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October 20th, 2010 at 11:28 am

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